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Congratulations! Thank God you have found the right training company for either First Aid Training such as Standard First Aid; Child First Aid Course for Infant / Childcare Personnel; Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS); CPR+AED (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation + Automated External Defibrillation); Heartsaver CPR course, or Personal Training for health and fitness.

Thank you most of all for just intending to learn and do what matters most in life – a life-saving skill and / or how to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Life. Yes, life, is the most precious thing on earth, don’t you agree? (Yup, you’re right to nod your head)

God has given us a life and it is how we want to make of it. We can use ours to help or even save others and we can also choose to treasure and enjoy ours, right?

If you agree, let’s take the next step.

Be practical and realistic. You do not need to possess a degree to qualify to save lives….. or limbs, or to keep a healthy body.

That’s why Pratique (sounds good in French, doesn’t it?), meaning practical, emphasises explanation in details and then uses these 3 basic steps – Identify, Approach and Manage.

This method of teaching helps participants, especially those without prior medical knowledge, to easily understand the topics and thus, being able to handle these situations without much hassles or doubt.

Lessons are conducted in a unique, fun, exciting, easy-to-learn and yet effective techniques which is designed to help participants retain the knowledge and skills.

It is filled with full of explanations, full of breaks, full of humour, full of interactions, full of lunch, full of fun, full of experience-sharing, full of breaks again and most importantly, full of practical sense to ensure you your time well spent.

And that’s not all, Pratique will even try it’s very best to meet your schedule, the venue and the class size. Unbelievable ?? Well ……… believe it!! Hallelujah!! Call and check us out!

This is what separate Pratique from the rest of the other training agencies!

If you are looking for either First Aid Courses or Personal Training, simply find the right button on the menu and click on the right content that you’re so eager to look for.

And since you’re already here, have a look at the rest of the other contents, free of charge. Yes? …….. No? …….. Errr? ……… WHY NOT!!!


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